Relating: We Need to Share Our Stories with One Another

Who cares about you? What do you do well? And who taught you how to do it? We live amidst intersecting communities of families, learning, faith, neighborhoods, and interests. Relating to others can change the way we find meaning and inspires us to reach beyond our imaginations to live richer, deeper lives. Remember when someone changed your direction? Or when someone encouraged you when you needed it? We influence other people as they find their path and change people’s lives in ways we seldom consider.

The first group you probably belonged to was a family that had a profound influence on the person you have become. As we grow older, we can choose people who share and nurture our interests and work alongside us as we try to make a difference in the world. Where can you find others who will help you learn more about what matters most to you? Who can support you when you have to cope with the unexpected? Who is your neighbor, really?



Who He Truly Was

A neighbor recognized the potential in a young man who lost his arm in a terrible farming accident. Felipe’s father, Luis, found his vocation when he responded to his neighbor's call. This changed their community and their family as well as Luis’ purpose in life. Sometimes our neighbors call out for us to use our talents to help, and in doing so introduce us to our best selves.

As we build meaningful lives, we develop relationships that either help us on our way or hinder our steps. How can you strengthen the ones that support your goals? Are there associations that share your view of the world and can contribute to your growth? Who can teach you new skills as you live with purpose? Testing your ability to assume the posture of a student keeps you nimble and allows you to grow.

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