Forming: Let Love Be the Loudest Part of What I Do

What does it mean to be who you are? What gives life meaning? What is the loudest part of you? We are always forming and reforming our truest selves. What do you choose to believe? Understanding how we develop as individuals helps us better appreciate how much our lives matter. Our identity flows from how we interact with our world. Forming our identity began from the moment we were born, and in those early years we were molded by many forces beyond our control.

As we grow, we can direct what we hear most clearly by our choices and our actions. We can choose to nurture what we like best about ourselves and discard what seems artificial or becomes unsupportable. Our development can be a profound experiment where we change or eliminate certain characteristics, and then adopt them again in a different way.

Love Story

Love Story

Confronting a Truer Self

Sarah listens to the people in her life who help her feel most fulfilled, and she heard something that refocused her work and gave her life deeper meaning. As a wedding photographer, this young mother lives into her commitments. She accepts this invitation to help tell love stories, and she decided to let love be the loudest part of what she does.

Forming our identity continues throughout our lives. Some callings may live only in imagination, or be worn like a costume for a moment; while others may last a lifetime. People who feel fulfilled make choices in life that support their values. We can become uncertain about our direction and purpose when we commit ourselves to activities that do not support our most cherished goals. Whenever we can, we should direct our energy towards what we consider most meaningful. When our actions and values coincide, our way seems clear and our next steps certain.

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