Multi-Faith Action Project

Multi-faith Action Project


Launching the Multi-Faith Action Project

In May, the Multi-Faith Action Project (MAP), an initiative of the second cohort of the Myrtle Collaboration, celebrated the public launch of MAP and their partnership with St. Paul Family Life Center. At a luncheon with over 150 in attendance from a wide variety of civic, non-profit, and ecclesial backgrounds, MAP founding members shared their vision for MAP in Boise and invited neighbors to be a part of their upcoming work together. As founding member Amy Fife shared in an interview with Channel 7 KTVB, “The doctrine of loving people and caring for people – all of us do. And so we’re bringing that together.”

The Multi-faith Action Project (MAP) is an initiative forged in 2020 by faith leaders from different Christian traditions who wanted to build relationships with one another and one another’s faith communities better in Boise, ID. Rev. Dr. Kevin Starcher, Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Boise, ID and a leader in the first cohort of the Myrtle Collaboration,  initiated the first conversations for MAP as part of discerning the formation of a second Myrtle Collaboration cohort.

MAP luncheon gets underway

Amid a contemporary moment of polarization and isolation, grounded in a desire to center racial justice and transformative action in Boise, leaders from Christian traditions including Baptist, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, ELCA, and PC(USA) began meeting to discern how they might be called to collective and collaborative partnerships in Boise. With support from the Myrtle Collaboration, leaders pursued opportunities to better understand one another and what common callings might emerge in discussions. Through vulnerable conversations, memorable shared meals, and the discernment of a common desire for collaboration, MAP leaders discerned a vision for their group in 2022: “The Multi-Faith Action Project (MAP) exists to meaningfully change the Treasure Valley by bringing faith groups and other community members together to help our most vulnerable,  disadvantaged, and at-risk neighbors in building healthy, stable, and rewarding lives. In the process we unite to build understanding, cooperation, and friendship. Our goal is to truly love our neighbors.”

 The luncheon was a truly joyful event, and MAP is already looking forward to their next event. This September, MAP will prepare 100,000 meals with members of their congregations and new potential partners. It is an exciting next step in continuing to live into their vision and calling, and, as Rev. Dr. Starcher commented in an interview with Channel 7 KTVB, “to make a concrete difference in the life of someone in our community.”

In the week leading up to the launch, Myrtle Coach Jennifer Wilson and Project Director Kathryn House joined producer Josh Minogue of BlairDog productions in capturing stories and reflections from each founding member of MAP. Minogue is creating a film that will tell the story of MAP’s formation and mission and purpose in Boise. Enjoy these behind the scenes photos!