Knowing That You Matter Just the Way You Are

We spend so much time focusing on what needs to be done or what we lack, we rarely take time to reflect on what we already possess. Your life already has meaning and purpose. You have everything you need to find satisfaction and fulfillment in this world. When we recognize and embrace all the abilities and resources we already have, we can live into the best version of ourselves. And this holds true for the communities in which we live.

Our Story Is Your Story

Our Story Is Your Story

Forming, Relating, and Adapting.

How has a small group journeyed together to transform the lives and communities they touch?

The Myrtle Collaboration is forming its roots in a community. Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary received a grant to participate in the Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative funded by the religion division of the Lilly Endowment, Inc. We gathered teams from Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations to explore our response to God’s callings. We also soon realized that people inside and outside communities of faith desire a deepened sense of purpose or vocation. With this in mind, we began building a community of people who are recognizing that their lives already have meaning just the way they are.

The Myrtle Collaboration is relating to many communities of teachers, students, doctors, artists, congregants, clergy and many others who help tell stories of meaning and purpose. This vast network broadens our insight and challenges our assumptions. We welcome your curiosity and encourage you to share your own story.

The Myrtle Collaboration is also constantly adapting, just like the individuals you will encounter here, as we continue to explore finding meaning in life with you. Some of us live without a religious worldview, while others live lives of faith. Our culture often challenges inclusion and non-binary approaches. Here we strive to connect people, recognize our kinship, and help each other find deeper purpose in life.